Paul Maminov
Human, Male, 23 years 10 months, Lawful Good
Programmer(9) / Artist(2)
Russia, Moscow
Job history
Java developer NTRLab
Past year and a half there were three large projects:
Mosgortrans, Yandex.Transport analogue, that we moved from multiple jar-files to a ear. From "microservices" Java SE, to Java EE and from Elasticsearch to PostgreSQL. My largest achievement there – creation of a daily incremental data update for mobile devices sized 4 MiB against 300 MiB monthly updates via application stores.
VelocityVue, customizable checklist for American construction companies, we have received from other company for support and development. My main achivement – significant reduction of page loading time for the end users from ~5 to ~0.3 seconds by optimizing DB requests, caching and usage of paginators.
S7, where I fixed bugs and implemented new features for an internal product for business lounge visitors accounting. No large achievements, but on this project I got a gis of how to measure tasks time more precisely and did them within that time.
MOESK, middleware API adapter between already existing website and mobile application, but with better validation and additional features. WIP.
Skills: Spring Java EE Hibernate Teamwork
Engineer-programmer NC "MedEcoErgoCenter"
We were working on installing dummy T-50 cockpit into a fifteen-meter, fifty-years-old centrifuge. Wrote a program for translating the modelled plane acceleration to the voltage on radio tubes (sic!). Afterwards I suddenly was not doing anything worthy for two months straight, only writing documentation and setting industrial computers up.
Skills: C# System administration Documentation wrtiting
Junior Java developer Freelance
Developed server-side for a factory internal product. Helped the lead developer, implemented RESTlike API for both frontend- и Android-developers.
Skills: Java Spring Hibernate Teamwork
System architect SEC "Technopark"
Two years of project-based education for about 220 hours per semester given by cool people from Mail.Ru, ABBYY and others. We were tauhght almost everything: programming on Java, python, js and С++, architecture desing and interface design, MySQL and its indices, MongoDB, team development ways, basic time and human resources management and art of speech. One semester we even took the first place.
Bachelor BMSTU
Bachelor from IU6 cathedral "Computer Systems and Networks" on speciality 09.03.01, whatever it means. Learned 60% of programming, 25% microcontrollers and circuit design and 15% network administration. It's weird we weren't taught best practices of programming. However, we've understood CPU architecture very well. Mathematical analysis, linear algebra and probability theory – all packed. Thesis on the face recognition using neural networks done on "A".
Java Certified Associate Oracle
Certificate that confirms my Java programming skills. Or hundred and a half dollars thrown into nothingness... Adds more weight for this resume.
CUDA and machine learning~ SEC "Technopark"
A month and a half of CUDA programming and half a year introduction into machine learning. As a graduation project I did a coin image-based classifier. It is not perfect and classifies only fixed set of coin types, it is working pretty well.
Web applications on Tizen Samsung R&D Institute Rus
Summer practice in Samsung. Two weeks of developing js web applications on Tizen: starting with wearable watches and up to TVs. Though all of them lack CPU.
Introduction into game design Universarium
Half a year of introducting into game design: starting from simple idea and references description, ending with creation of a design document and description of collected statitics. Not bad in systematising knowledge received while playing all the games.
Graduate Economical school
School, one of many. Somewhere in elder grades I started becoming the programmer. Graduated with silver medal.